Sealing cracks
Grands Travaux de Montreals (GTM): Expert repair cracks

Repairs to cracks in a foundation need to be performed by professionals who have mastered perfectly the modern injection techniques. The product injected into the crack is a synthetic resin. Safe for the environment , this material is not toxic. It contains no solvents , no odor . You can apply it no matter the temperature.

We are experts in repairing concrete foundation cracks !

Minor repairs
For minor repairs, cleaned the deep fissure and after we will apply a mixture of sand and fissure sealant. Usually this type of repair is free with the sealer, but only lasts one season, therefore, this process will be to repeat the following year.

Large repair cracks

For durable repairs and cracks larger than 1/3 inch, we have to melt the sides of the crack with a torch at very high intensity. Next, we add hot asphalt to the mixture to finally come compacting everything. This repair is much more durable because the crack will disappear completely. We are currently the only company to offer this service.

Elastomer Repairs

The elastomer, better known as rubber common name, is a durable crack repair for your asphalt pavement. He noted excellent flexibility to below 0 Celsius. It is recommended by the Ministry of Transport for crack repairs on highways. Our repair procedure first begins with a milling the crack and then the application of the elastomer. Its lifetime (5-10ans) far exceeds that of the usual crack-filler (1 Summer)