Residential Excavation


The Great Work of Montreal (GTM) developed significant expertise in the execution of works of all kinds related to the excavation. Simplify your life! Choose a supplier able to meet all your needs. Discover our services tailored to your reality!

One stop shop for your work, an idea to dig! To avoid unpleasant surprises, we must work with the right resources. Our company understands the importance you attach to the smooth running of your work and respect your schedule.

Our company is able to perform all work related to excavation:

  1. Excavation for new buildings or expansions
  2. Foundation drainage repair
  3. Work on water and sewer (new and rehabilitation)
  4. Demolition and Decontamination
  5. Parking (infra, curbs, sidewalks and paving)
  6. Landscaping (peat, slopes, planting, paving stones)
  7. Machinery and transport equipment.
  8. Turnkey Projects